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American  Mastiff  References  09

George & Fredericka WagnerThese are photos and letters sent to us by  those who have purchased American mastiff puppies from us in the past. We know you will enjoy these pages! If you purchased an American Mastiff from us and would like it featured here, please email some photos and letter and we will post them. Be sure to include the name of the father and mother of your dog.
When you send photos and comments please include your permission to post on our site.  If permission is not given we will not post it. We will try to post them as they come in. Thank you.


Click the dog's name (below the photo) and it will take you to that dog's page.




Ziva P.

Dozer D.

Arlo H

Glory C.

Ziva P.

Bella T.

Kenly S.

Lola M

Ruby B.



Kona D

Piper W


Merlin C.



Gus S

Winston and Bozley

Madeline Rose







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