Ziva P

Just sending you Ziva’s latest vet appt for her vaccines, her graduation from puppy kindergarten pic, and a couple other photos and a video. She is the best pup ever. So sweet with our 4-year-old daughter and 1-year-old granddaughter and loves playing with other dogs, and enjoys snuggles and pets with everyone 🥰  She is 56 lbs as of yesterday 😂. Absolutely loving our giant girl! Hope all is well in Ohio!

Amanda P

Our pup Ziva (DOB 4/01/2020) is doing so beautifully! Just figured I would send you some recent pics. She’s such a sweet sweet girl and is so so smart. Already is sitting on command as well as will “shake” with her paw when asked. She’s doing great walking on a leash. Potty trained without an issue. Some puppy biting of course but less and less everyday  She loves her jolly ball, Kong tennis balls, and elk antler bones. She’s a snuggler and we love that! Hope all is well in Ohio! Enjoy the pics!


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