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Adoption Prices



Please email for information on our dogs

Our puppies are $2,300 each.

The price includes a complete health exam by a licensed veterinarian

 and the the puppy's microchip.


We will send you an in depth email* containing lots of good pointers about

buying a puppy, care and feeding, also flying with your puppy etc.

We will do our best to reply to your email within 48 hours

All puppies are equally adorable!

Ask to see our Adoption Agreement.
Email us at

Flying W Farms is the fountain head of the American Mastiff breed.

Fredericka Wagner is the founder of the breed.

Method of Payment

We accept  money wire transfer, cash, or cashier's check.

*Complete information on our dogs, our breeding program, a copy of our puppy contract, and lots of  useful information about our breed, please send us an email at asking for information on our dogs.  You will receive a prompt reply.  The information we send is a fourteen page email that prints out to make a booklet about American Mastiffs. You will find a buyer screening form embedded in this information. We ask you to copy, paste that buyer screening form  into a new email , fill it out and return it to us in order to get on our waiting list.


George "Bob" Wagner Jr. & Fredericka Wagner
PO  Box 845  /  Piketon  /  Ohio  45661
Phone: 740-493-2401 (land line)
Fredericka's Cell: 740-285-0365
Fax: 740-493-0072

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