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Click for additional photosDYKEDALE WINSTON
Winston is a black, Approved, Division A Dales Stallion. We imported him from the UK in February 1999. He is a "whole" black, no white markings at all. He is a true inky blue-black, not a hint of bay in his coat, standing 14.1 hands (57 inches), with lovely head and neck, perfect legs and ideal conformation. You can see from the photos, Winston is an incredibly beautiful pony. His movement is that which is sought after for upper level dressage. He loves to jump, and has a nice energetic ground covering walk, In other words, he is the ideal Dales Pony! Very quiet and gentle, dependable, typical Dales temperment.


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Duke is a jet black Division A Dales Stallion and is a DPS approved sire. We imported him from the UK in February 1999. Duke stands just a fraction under 14.2 hands. As you can see from the photos, he is a very beautiful stallion with lovely head, nice long neck, very free shoulders, perfect legs and the movement required for upper level dressage! He loves to jump and has the easy ground covering walk the Dales are famous for. Gentle, quiet, and calm, he is a very loving Pony with ideal Dales disposition.

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