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    Congratulations to all of the Award Winners!

Flying W Farms Prince Volkomen Von Leven 

IGGHR#238  aka Vennoot or Vernoot

Friesian Georgian Grande
Koning X FWF Beautiful Doll-Saddlebred.

The other horse is Marge's purebred Friesian gelding.

Can you tell which is which?

Flying W Farms Prince Koda

Friesian / Clydesdale Cross

Sire: Koning-Friesian

Dam: E-Motion

Owner: Virginia Habel


Mary & Odessa

Flying W Farms Baroness Von Odessa

Sire: Friesian X  Dam: Dales Pony-Blossom

Owned by Mary

 Balthasar with Mary, Carole's daughter

Flying W Farms Prince Balthasar

Owner Carole Watts


Friesian X Percheron

Flying W Farms Lady Supreme

aka Lyric  Foaled 4/29/02

Sire: Baron von Kolderveen-Friesian

 Dam: Stonewall Game Game-Saddlebred

Owner: Karen Patterson

Flying W Farms Prince Shades of Grey

Friesian / Percheron

Sire: Koning-Friesian

Owner: Maggie

Flying W Farms Prince Kodiak

And his Owner / Rider Natalie

USDF JR-Year All-Breed Award

Reserve Champion

FWF Princess Romka

  Georgian Grande IGGHR#233 

Sire Koning-Friesian Dam-Electra-Saddlebred

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Flying W Farms Rivers of Fire

Georgian Grande  Sire: Firedance

Flying W Farms Princess Zena

Sire: Koning x Percheron mare

She is a Priesian

Owner Nichole

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Flying W Farms Great Expectations

 Excaliber-Daybreak in Denver- June 1998

Owner: Lucy Moore

Flying W Farms Baron Von Snowden

Owner: Amy

Flying W Farms Baroness Von Jewel

Sire:  Flying W Farms Baron (Friesian)

Dam:  Flying W Farms Cremella

Friesian/ Haflinger Cross Filly  Born:April 18, 2005

New Owner: Greg

Flying W Farms Fires of Fame

Georgian Grande Gelding Foaled 4/17/05

Sire: Firedance-Saddlebred

Dam: Mount Crest Liberty -Clydesdale


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