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Dear Frederika, George , and Robin...just wanted to let you know how Polka is doing. She started driving last summer, just around the house, because our bugs are so bad. During the winter, she was driven around the pastures occasionally, but mostly ridden because she is so much fun under saddle!
 This spring she drove in her first show and  won all six classes that weekend! Oh, I was so proud of her! She has continued to be the high point driving horse at the next two shows, winning 11 out of 12 classes!!! The class that she got second in was reinsmanship, so it was my driving, not her trying!!!!!! There is one more show to go, but I think she already has enough points to be the circuit driving horse champion!!!! Every judge has made some kind of very positive comment, they all want to know her breeding! ( Nighmusic won the circuit championship last year, but she is very glad to let Polka do the work this season, hehe !)
Last weekend, my Morgan driving friends talked me into going to the Old Dominion Morgan Show at the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, Virginia because they were having an open driving show. It was blazing hot and poor Polka was in the hot trailer for 7 hours with her Morgan buddy. When she finally got off, I was so worried about her. Her head was hanging and she was really pooped. Her longest trip since coming from Ohio has been 40 minutes so this had to be scary, and it was soooo hot. We cold hosed her( normally she hates cold water, has to have warm) but she stood there and slowly recovered somewhat. After putting her in her stall (they have those open mesh panels) and blowing a big floor fan on her, she started to look like the Polkie again! Our plan had been to bring tack and ride in all the arenas before the show, but I wanted her to rest for a while, and a giant thunderstorm system came in and it rained all afternoon and night, so the only sight seeing we got to do was hand walking early the next morning before the show started! I had no idea what to expect! The arena was outside with a hard base and screenings, so there  weren't puddles, instead it was this homogeneous gray soup that was about 4 inches thick!!!!! After all our brass polishing and feather whitening, we were covered in greasy gray stuff after one lap of the was sort of like fox hunting!!!! The first class was turnout and Polka got second place to a friend with a fancy Friesian complete with phaeton and groom....oh, I was proud! The judge came up and said, " What a fun horse!" Yes, she is, hehe!!!!! The second class was Novice Working and she got a blue! She felt like an accordion!!!  The third class was open Reinsmanship, yikes, not my favorite! In the class with me were three friends and they have all been champions at Walnut Hill....uh oh...! After the rail work, the judge described what she wanted for the individual tests, while all the carriages lined up at the end of the ring. Usually they ask for a figure eight, halt ,back, and salute, but this one asked for a working trot to the rail, slow trot with reins in left hand and whip held up in right hand, circle to left one handed, then go down centerline, walk, halt, back, and salute! Holy cow, I thought I'd heard her wrong! I was last in line, so I had plenty of time to hope that we didn't end up back in NC! Anyway, that Polka had been watching!!! She did it all ,what felt like perfect to me , and won the class!!!! It was one of those life moments that you never forget !!!!! Go, Polka, girl!!!!!!!!!    What a day!!!!  What a Polka!!!! We waited til the next morning early to drive home when it was cooler and she did fine on the way back! Thank goodness!  Gail


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