Flying W Farms Night Music

Owned by Gail Whalen
Flying W Farms Ecalibur-Clydesdale
Out of Flying W Farms Daybreak in Denver-(TB)
Night Music foaled 6/24/99

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Night Music October 09, 2006



Owner/Driver Gail Whalen



April-     3rd Annual Lee Tractor-John Deere Open Horse Show- Champion Driving High Point Horse

June-     3rd Annual Martin Festival Open Horse Show- Reserve Champion Driving High Point Horse (5 firsts and 1 second)

July-       3rd Annual Freedom Classic Open Horse Show- Champion Driving High Point Horse

August-  Central Carolina Driving Club Fall Classic- Single Horse Champion

Sept-      7th Annual Sunnyside Open Horse Show- Champion Driving High Point Horse

East Coast Open Show Circuit- Supreme Champion Driving Horse

October- North Carolina State Fair Horse Show-Single Horse Champion


Hi Robin, Fredericka, and Bob ! This is  one of the pics from the Carriage Association of America's conference that Nightie and I went to. Her new vehicle won the People's Choice Award. When the judge was critiquing the vehicle, he mentioned that he had seen us driving around the previous day, and said that we looked like we were right out of a book!!!!!! Woweeee!!!!!  We also decorated the vehicles with flowers for an Easter Parade and our turnout received Most Original! I haven't seen those pictures yet, but will send you one if we buy any! Nightie was a dream and a lot of people commented on her gorgeousness!!!!!!!! I made sure that they knew that she came from Ohio's Flying W Farms!!!!  Most of the people that attended drove pairs or fours with large carriages, and I was a little worried that they would scare her, but all went well! She didn't pose too well here, because she had been in a stall for a few days and standing in all that beautiful grass, only inches away from the candy store was just too much for her!!!!!!! She was soooooooo good. Gail


Letter from Gail after her purchase of her first horse Zanzibar

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