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Grandson of Little Blue Boy

From: Gail
Sent: Monday, January 14, 2008
Subject: Blue Boy Grandson

Dear Fredericka,
I certainly would not expect you to remember me, so I will tell you a little story :)  In 1987, I was an 9 year old little girl who  had been in and out of the hospital with major kidney problems (I have three kidneys).  My mother contacted you because my miniature donkey had just passed away.  My memory is a little bit off, but you offered me the pick any horse I chose on your farm for $500.00 (within reason I' m sure :).  (I think I got to choose between a horse or donkey??) I chose a lovely grey 1984 stallion by Little Blue Boy.  We took him home in the back of one of our service vans in the pouring rain.  I don't remember much of the day at all (sorry), but you gave me a show halter that you had told me had been Blue Boys.  I cherish that halter and to this day it hangs on my bedroom wall.  (I did show my little guy in it!)
Since  that day in 1987, I have had the opportunity to accomplish many things.  My mother passed away i n 1993 at the age of 41 following her death, my sister and I turned to my show career to ease the pain.  We went on to campaign a very special Appaloosa to 100's of awards.  He and I have a National Championship, Two Reserve National Championships, several Top Tens at Nationals and a High Point in the Nation, and we finally just completed our Non Pro Versatility ApHC Lifetime Achievement award.  I 'retired' several years ago, sold my big trailer and went to work for a thoroughbred trainer, galloping horses on the track.  At the track, I fell in love with and brought home a lovely OTTB whom I am now exploring the world of jumping with.  (My only previous over fences experience was a couple hunter hack classes!)
Long story short, I just wanted to share with you how much my little guy means to me.  'Stoney' has just turned 24 years old, he is in great health, has never been sick or had an injury.  I'm convinced that he will outlive me and I love him dearly.  I bragged for years to all the horse people I knew that he was 'a Grandson of the Famous Little Blue Boy'.  I still have an original sales brochure from your farm from the mid 80's.  And of course, I still have that halter.  I consider it one of my prized possessions, and with Stoney, very near to my heart.
I would love to make a trip down to see the farm and your beautiful new horses (My fiance LOVES Friesians) and ofcourse to see all the minis that are left.
I attached some pics of Stoney for you to see how he looks now!



A personal note from Fredericka:

 "Yes, I do remember you Gail. I was so pleased to receive this letter and the precious photos.



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