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Happy 6th Birthday Rama!


Blue Rama and his castle          

 Mark, Ivy and
their daughter Hanna.

Sent: Monday, June 02, 2008

Subject: hello from ivy & little blue rama

Hello all,

My little blue Rama turned six years old on May 23.  I always celebrate his birthday... this year I baked him a batch of horse muffins... he loves them.  I will send some pictures following this email.  He is so lovely, i just love him!

I was looking at your web site... it is so nice.  I love watching the videos... and I see you have a new kind of pony... they are lovely... and how about that von fawna, wow she is such a beauty... I'd love to ride her... be a cowgirl for a day...

I sure think of you guys ...

I'll send a picture of the sycamore tree I pulled out of a stream there at your farm... what a wonderful day that was. 

your friend,



From: ivy


Sent: Monday, March 05, 2007 11:08 AM

Subject: Hello from ivy


Good Morning Fredericka,

I was just surfing the net and got thinking about you guys.  How are you & Bob?  How is Robin?  I love your videos of the horses... your web site is so nice.  Rama is Four years old almost 5... man, I can't believe it... he is so wonderful Fredericka... my very best blessing...Tell Bob my little tree that I pulled out of your stream beside the road is doing great... sycamore. 

Love and good health,

ivy Soter


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