Dear Fredericka,

You will not remember us as you have placed many puppies in loving homes since we picked up our little guy in 2005. My husband Mitch flew down from Juneau, Alaska in July of 2005 and picked up a fawn male. We aptly named him Tater (he was a couch potato, and also looked like like a big potato). He was our little girl Makena’s shadow. He was there on her first day of school and at her high school graduation celebration.

We wanted to reach out to you and let you know we had to say goodbye to our beloved boy last Tuesday. We had a wonderful 13 years with him. His heart and lungs were still going strong, but his body just wore out.

Tate had two knee replacements (drove him on two separate trips from Seattle to Big Fork, Montana for knee replacements) and actively participated in bi-weekly physical therapy up until October, 2017. At that time he became scared of getting up the ramp into our car as his eyesight was deteriorating.

Our hearts are truly broken. We had a lovely vet who came to our home and helped peacefully transition Tate out of this world. My husband held him in his arms while Makena and I gave him lots of kisses on his sweet face and whispered how much we loved him into his beautiful soft ears one last time.

I don’t think our family will ever truly get over his loss, but we will get through it with the knowledge that we will see him again in heaven. Until that time we are comforted by knowing that he is not in pain and no longer bewildered by why his body no longer worked the way it used to.

We are not ready for another puppy as of yet; we are needing time to grieve— but I would like to be considered for your waiting list at this time as I know it took about a year for us to adopt Tate. Would you be able to reply and let us know what this process would entail?

Kind regards,

PS I have attached a couple of pictures— the first is from a couple of weeks after Tate joined our family. The second was a picture taken for our Christmas card this past November.

Fredericka's response:

Hello, Narelle;

Yes, I do remember; I have forgotten much at my age, but I do remember the gentleman from Juneau, Alaska and the puppy you named Tater. Your testimony to the love your family gave and received from Tater brought tears to my eyes.

These two photos embody the whole of a wonderful dog's life. Both photos speak more than any words could ever say. The puppy and the little girl that grew up together. The faithful old dog and his beloved family when he was drawing close

to the closing of his life. What more can one say? Is there anything else that could speak of LOVE more eloquently than these two photos?

We grieve with you; I have "been there and done that" more than once with my beloved dogs. It is very hard. But like you, I knew I was doing the best thing for my dog. My vet also come to my home when that sad day arrived;

I sat on the floor with George's head in my lap, telling him what a good dog he had been all those years and how much I loved him. It is hard, it never gets easier. You are right; you never truly get over it and you never forget them.

And like you, I know we will see them again in Heaven. You have all our heart felt sympathy. I want to thank you for the wonderful life you gave Tater. I know he has the best, most loving home a dog could ever hope for.

God bless you and your family;


PS When you are ready for another puppy, just let us know. We will be happy to see one of our beloved puppies go to such a wonderful home as Tate had.


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