Winston and Bozley

Subject: Winston


Dear Fredericka and Lucy,

I hope you remember me somewhat, I adopted two of the most amazing souls from you.  Bozley in 2005 and then Winston in 2009.
I wrote to you in August of 2015 to share with you the passing of my Soul Dog Bozley, and how magnificent of a life we had together.  And now it is with a tremendous sadness and broken heart that I write to inform you of my loss of Winston.  Winston was born on 1.14.2009

Fredericka, his passing is so heartbreaking and painful!!  Perhaps thatís why it has taken me so long to inform you of this.  Our pups are the closest creatures to being Angels of God as we will ever meet in this life.  And I was his Angel without wings and two legs while he was here on EarthÖIíll never understand why this happens the way it does, or the timing of it all, but I have to believe that God needed him in Heaven for a reason.  I just know that he was comforted on his journey knowing that I was right there with him, holding him as tightly in my arms as I could when he took his last breath, he knew and felt how much he was loved.  Winston had a tremendous personality and a heart of Gold.  He was funny, playful, loyal and loving.  He never would pass on a friendly chop squeeze or the opportunity to snuggle and cuddle.  I have to believe that he is still very much with me, as is Bozley.  I still smell him in the house, and often times I think I hear him calling  out to me.  He made a huge impact on the lives of so many.  Now he can rest easy and fly high.  He and Bozley were my greatest blessings!!!  I still to this day mourn for them and will forever miss them.  But they are both safe, happy and healthy in the hands of God.

Thank you Fredericka, for bringing these two AMAZING pups into my life.  From the moment I met them, to the last time I kissed them, they were my LOVE STORY!!!!

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