Zeus J

Subject: Zeus at 5 Months
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2014
From: Dan J
To: Flying W Farms

Hey Lucy and Fredericka,

I just wanted to touch base and give you an update on him. He is growing like crazy! We started training classes last month, and he is doing great. He loves socializing with the other dogs and knows all the "puppy level" commands after just 3 classes. The trainer said he is one of the happiest/most outgoing mastiffs he has ever seen! Zeus is a little over 5 months now (August 25, 2013 birthday) and has to be somewhere between 85-100 lbs. I have not had a chance to weigh him recently, but he is a big boy.

In case you did not get my previous email, he has all his shots and is on track to be neutered within the next couple months. I will keep you updated as to when that happens.

I cant thank you both enough for who is now my best friend.

Dan J


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