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Sent: Monday, January 05, 2009



Hello Bob and Fredericka,


Way back in December of 2000, my fiancé bought an American Mastiff from you as a Christmas gift for me.  I do not know who Zeek’s mother and father were, but I do know that he was born on November 1st of 2000.  On December 29th of 2008, Zeek passed away after eight wonderful years with us.  He was with us for our wedding, three houses, and three children.  I can only hope that our one-year-old will remember how much she enjoyed climbing on the puppy.  All of our children loved Zeek and he was the best puppy around children.  I have attacked several pictures so you can see how wonderful Zeek was and how he lived.  The pictures of Zeek and our swimming pool and Zeek at my office for ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’ are the most recent pictures.  He even had his own couch to sleep on in our master bedroom.


I cannot thank you enough or adequately express how much joy Zeek brought into our lives.  While we are very sad at Zeek’s passing, we would do it all over again if we had the chance.  Our children have already told us that is ‘feels weird’ not have a puppy in the house, so we may be interested in adopting another puppy from you if you have any litters coming up.


Thank you again and we wish you a happy new year.



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