Vader S.

Subject: New pic of Vader S
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2014
From: dana
To: Flying W Farms

We did a 2k walk for pet rescue last month, my mother and Vader.

Dana S
Subject: Hello!!!!
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2013

Happy Summer!

Just wanted to drop a line and say hello. We are all doing well in Cincinnati, hope you all at the Flying W Farms are well. We have been just enjoying the nice weather and waiting to start swimming, the pool is a little to cool for me still. Nico my lab has been in but Vader doesn't swim well so can't swim until we can get in. I think he has outgrown his life preserver this year. He is doing so well, he is a year and a half old now. He is 170 lbs, very sweet and gentle. He has been the most laid back easy going pup I have ever had. He is quite the rock star anywhere we go. He loves everyone, he wiggles and greets everyone. I couldn't ask for a better tempered dog. I have attached new pics, they were taken June 16th, 2013
Please share, we are very proud of Vader.
Take care and have a great summer

Dana S.
Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to say Hello and wish you all a Very Happy Holiday!
We are doing well getting ready to spend our first Christmas with Vader. I am sending 2 new pictures. Take care and have a Happy New Year.

Dana S.
Hello again

I wanted to share some new pictures of Vader. He is now 11 months old and about 140 pounds. He is the sweetest puppy ever. He draws attention everywhere we go.

Please feel free to share his pictures
Take care
Dana, Chris, Nico and Vader
Subject: More on Vader
Date: Sat, 23 Jun
I hope this finds you all well. I wanted to send you some pics of Vader he is growing so fast and he is such a good boy. We opened the pool in May and we haven't been able to keep him out of it since. Although, he is not a very good swimmer he loves the pool. We had to get him a life vest because he doesn't kick his back feet and he starts to sink. The vest makes for a more relaxing swim. I have sent some pictures of him and Nico at the pool. Take care and I will be in touch. Have a great summer.

Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2012

Hello All

I just wanted to check in. Vader just completed his basic obedience training. He is doing so well and getting big at 4 months old he is 65lbs. He is now bigger than our lab Nico. The vet commented that he is so gentle for a puppy. He loves to cuddle with his family and Nico. He has completed all his shots. Life is good. I will keep in touch
Dana, Chris, Nico and Vader


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