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Her family owns a Harley Davidson dealership!

We had gotten Tulip from Fredericka when she was a little over 2 years old. She was one of Flying W's dogs but unfortunately when she was bred had complications. The majority of the puppies where sadly lost but a couple survived. Because of this Fredericka and Lucy where looking for a home for Tulip. My family and I had driven the 8 hours from Buffalo to Piketon to meet Fredericka, visit Flying W and talk about getting our names on a list to eventually get a puppy. That's when we met a very shy dog named Tulip who took a liking to my Children. About 45 minutes later we knew we had been chosen by Tulip and she would be coming home with us.

It took a while for Tulip to adjust. She didn't make a sound for 6 weeks, never looked at us and often laid in another room. However every night she would still go into every bedroom to make sure everyone was in bed and where they were supposed to be. Eventually Tulip let us know her and her wonderful personality. She loved her family and took her role as protector, friend and companion very seriously. My daughter Claire once stated that she had the hardest job in the house since she was responsible for making everyone feel loved and good about themselves every day.

As I read the tributes I realize how special it is to own a Mastiff. That most of our stories are the same. That they were loved by the neighborhood and just not a household. That everyone they came into contact with they always made feel special. I took Tulip to work with me every day for 6 years and people would always say "you have to see this Dog, she loves me" But that is how Tulip made everyone feel, like they were the only one.

It been almost 2 months now and we still cry every day, but feel privileged to have been able to take care of her and it was an absolute honor to have her add to our lives.

We are recovering slowly. Sent along a pic of our kitchen island with all the cards and flowers that people have sent for Tulip. She made an impact on a lot of people in town.
John B.


Jack decided that he wanted to take Tulip to show and tell on Wednesday.  I asked the teacher and she said it would be fine and Tulip continues to amaze me as to what she knows.  When we got to the classroom the kids where sitting in a half circle.  She immediately went to the circle and laid right at the kids knees.  She then spent a half hour laying motionless,  allowing all the children to pet and climb on her!!!!!!Fredericka, I really think she knew what she was there for and understood how she was to act. Jack is in the blue long sleeve to shirt and Claire is in the pink sweatshirt.  Tulip is in the tan bodysuite. John


Feb 23, 2006
Tulip is doing great.  Margaret and Tulip are best  friends and Tulip  spends most of her time in Margaret's room playing Dolls.  Jack loves taking her for walks by himself and there is never any tension on the leash no matter what the distraction!!!  A 5 year old walking a 150 lb dog with no worries..  She moves from kids room to kids room at night and won't come downstairs till they get out of bed.  She is a true care taker. John
Last night on our walk, Tulip and I came across a misbehaved German Shepard,  we usually stop to meet and greet but this dog was to hyper.  Tulip never broke her heel as we walked by and the women screamed commands in German.  I told Tulip i don't think the other lady's  dog speaks German. John


March 16,  2006
Tulip is doing awsome  i take her to work with me 1 day a week.  She stands at the front door greeting everyone that comes in. I built a sidecar 5 years ago when the twins where born.  I would ride them around in car seats when they where 1 years old and always got a lot of looks and thumbs up.  This weekend I decided to take Tulip for a ride in the sidecar and she did great, and the reactions you can only imagine!!!!


March 23, 2006
Hi Fredericka,
Tulip took a trip to the beauty parlor today and did awsome as usual.  The nails are clipped, the ears are cleaned and she got a nice bath and shampoo!!!!  The pampered pet. John

Hi,  Fredericka and Lucy,
Tulip had a great Thanksgiving,  we had a lot of guests.  32 people came to our house that day and Tulip loved it.  She stayed downstairs all day looking to get attention and was perfectly behaved as always..  here are some pics of our walk down to the crick with some out of town relatives that stayed at the house. John


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