Tinkerbell, DOB 6/15/2008

I can't believe it's been four years already! I wanted to update you on, and thank you for, my wonderful Tinkerbell. I can't begin to tell you what a wonderful dog this is! Beautiful, definitely. But her personality is amazing. She is gentle, she actually adjusts her play to who she's playing with – the smaller the person, the gentler she is. I've watched her play tug of war with a toy poodle, and give tiny little tugs to allow the little poodle to win. I've let her take treats from a baby, and she'll touch their little hands with no more than lips and whiskers, no matter how small the treat. Children in the neighborhood will come ask if Tink can play, and once they meet her, the parents don't mind a bit.

And smart – she watches, and learns so fast. Besides usual dog training of sit, stay, wait, paw, speak, etc, she learns on her own. Like how to open latches and doors! (We had to adjust to that one, and put locks she can't possibly open) She has never chewed on anything in the house, not even as a puppy.

She even lets us know when the little poodle is about to have a seizure (epilepsy) she just seems to know. She watches over and protects the family, including pets, but even when protecting she is gentle. The one considered a 'threat' is bumped away with her shoulder, and she just won't allow them near, all without a growl or threat by her. She stays next to anyone who is sick until they are well. She knows not to touch the other animals food dish or water dish, and will only eat or drink from her own. (though I've watched the other animals take from her dish, literally right under her chin as she eats.) I could continue on, but I think you can see by the above what a wonderful companion she is. I can't imagine being without her!

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Tinkerbell is a fabulous dog – at 7.5 months now she is 100 lbs  and very gentle, very sweet. She is very well behaved, was extremely easy to potty train – she had 2 ‘accidents’ in the house the first week we had her in August, and that was it! She went through puppy training and will be continuing further training starting in spring. She believes she’s a lap dog! She takes her ‘cookies’ so gentle, we even let our friends 10 month old give them to her.  I will send a picture soon, she is a very beautiful dog as well. We can’t imagine being without her anymore, we may contact you before too long to get on a waiting list for a brindle male …  


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