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Subject: Tatanka
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2015
From: Taenha


I wanted to give you a quick update on Tatanka. Hard to believe he will be 8 years old this August. Seems just yesterday I was lost trying to find your ranch to pick up my pup. He is doing great, though he is sad everyday that I have to leave for work. If he had it his way I would be home all day with him. I had to put down one of my cats last weekend and that was very hard. But the poor cat was old and would not eat or drink: it is so unfair, the ravages of time. Tatanka misses his cat friend, but he still has one cat (see the picture). The cat in the picture is always licking the dog. How weird that such a little cat tongue can make such a giant dog so happy!

I hope all is well with you.


On 9/29/2014 9:26 AM, G, Taenha wrote:
Hello Everyone

Well, Tatanka turned 7 back in August. He is doing great. Still healthily, and for the most part has not changed. He has slowed a bit and is now very grey in the face. It is amazing that though all these years he has had no medical problems. I guess raising like a warm blooded horse did the trick. I had never had a giant dog before, but many years of riding and training horse gave me a clue. Unlike hot blooded horses that can be ridden before they are 2, a warm blooded horse cannot be ridden until they are at least 3 years old. The warm bloods grow so strangely as well, awkward and fast growing, yet gentle of spirit. So I raised Tatanka very carefully: very gentle exercise for the first two years of his life, no steps, no strain on his joints.

I love him so much, yet I know the years will not be forever, for both of us. But for now I am content to watch him dig holes looking for gophers, barking at nothing, chasing zombies in the overturned trash bin and enjoying the sun in the back yard.

Thank you


Tatanka and his new vet

Tatanka will be 6 years od August 18th. I took him for a check-up with his new vet (his old vet retired).

The new vet was very impressed with how good his health is! He noticed right away how his legs and feet point straight forward and all his weight was evenly distributed on all four legs.

He is at his summer weight of 180 lbs. His coat is perfect. Heart and lungs are good. He has a bit of stiffness in one shoulder. And yes, he has slowed down a bit. Still I am so happy he is so healthy. I am a lucky mom!

You have done such a wonderful job raising these great dogs. Thank you.

Sent: Monday, January 03, 2011
Subject: Tatanka Hello
I realize it has been far too long since I gave you an update on Tatanka.  Hard to belive he is 3 1/2 years old!  Still no medical problems at all.  (OK, when he gets up in the morning he has to he shake his head from side to side:  this helps to get his brain back into the center of his skull). Other than that he is so healthy and happy.
He just loves to snuggle with his favorite cat and  and give me licky kisses when I am sleeping!
We had 8 inches of snow yesterday.  I took this picture of him in the snow.  Tatanka loves the snow: I have to drag him inside even though it is 20 degrees and I am freezing!
Take care and thank you for such a wonderful companion!


Sent: Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Subject: Tatanka turns 2!

Hello Fredericka
Hard to believe it has been 2 years since I have had Tatanka with me.  Yesterday was his birthday.  I sent a silly picture of him, is he not beautiful?  OK, the furry toy looks silly, but it is his favorite.
In the picture he is trying to take it outside, but that is an INDOOR TOY!
Tatanka has not been sick a day in his life, and if you can believe it, he is 189 lbs.
Thank you for this wonderful dog, he a good friend, if a bit messy!  I cannot keep him clean, he loves to roll in the dirt.
He has never chewed anything in my house, never destroyed even a dropped shoe!  The cats figured him out right away (they are in charge) and now Tatanka grooms them, upon command.
Thank you!
Taenha and Tatanka


Sent: Friday, August 08, 2008
Subject: Tatanka
 Hello  All
Well Tatanka is almost a year old, here is a good picture of my boy


Sent: Saturday, August 02, 2008
Subject: Tatanka
 Hello Everone:
 I had to tell you about how Tatanka is doing.  I have been concerned for a while that he seemed unwilling to defend himself when it came to other dogs. Sometimes he just does not get that all dogs do not want to play with him; Some little dogs even snap at him, but he had never fought back. Yesterday we went for our usual walk when out of nowhere a large American Bull terrier mix (about 80 pounds) went after Tatanka.  It happened so fast that I dropped the leash and was caught with Tatanka behind me and the dog running at me.  Tatanka moved around me and stood his ground:  as the big terrier charged (mouth open and snarling) Tatanka grabbed his lower jaw and threw him to the ground.  The Terrier landed like he had hit a freight
train.  Tatanka never even lost his footing.  Then the big Terrier  backed off, but  as Tatanka and I were moving on down the road, the terrier  turned on us again, Tatanka once more stood his ground: The terrier backed off yelping in fear. Tatanka never drew blood or bothered the one human who came out to help, but
he was not afraid.  He will be a year old August 18th.  He is growing up.  I could not be more proud of him.


Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Subject: Tatanka at 5 months
An update on my big baby,  He was 5 months in this pictures and 72 lbs!  What a big boy.  He is going though the terrible twos right  now, but it is so hard to be mad at him!  He is doing well with his training.
I am trying to get a good pictures of him with his best friend (the mini-doxi) when the doxi is sitting between his legs, while he stands  guard over her, but sitting (carefully!)  with his front legs around her!
Tatanka spent some more time with my neighbors baby (who is is exactly one month older than him, though does not weight nearly what he does!.  The baby just loves him and Tatanka loves to give a nice "tongue bath"!  I am so happy with him He snores like a dock worker  and is finally  making friends  with the cats.  The cats have decided that Tatanka is  a big dope!  They just laugh at him!
Thank you all, I could not be happier,

Sent: Tuesday, December 04, 2007
Subject: Tatanka
Hello Fredericka!
Just an update on Tatanka
Here is about 13 weeks old now and 36 lbs, here are two pictures of him at 12 weeks and 30 lbs!
Last night I had the mini- dachshund for the night and they were a riot!  The little doxi just runs circles around
Tatanka and he so cool with her.  She has no qualms about letting him know it's her treat, not his.  She likes to ambush him by running under the bed, snaking up behind him and grabbing his tail!  Still he
never gets aggressive with her and every little cry brings him running to protect her. I just love him, even if he still eats the grass in my yard!


Tatanka 13 weeks old


Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Subject: Tatanka
Picts are Tatanka at 11 weeks and 23.5 lbs.

TATANKA IS PURE JOY.  He is funny, clumsy and his favorite toy is an empty plastic bottle!  (The Gallon size).  He loves to bark at the cats, in the hope they will play with him, which thus far is not working out.
His best bud is the neighbor’s mini-dachshund!  He is already very protective of the dachshund and they play all day. (She runs circles around him).
Last week I drove a friend to the Doctor and Tatanka and I waited outside while he was in the Doctors office.
A man came by, in a wheelchair, with his mother.  The man had a very severe case of Cerebral Palsy, but wanted to pet Tatanka.
I was a bit concerned that Tatanka would be rough) as he is still a baby and chews on clothing.
But to my amazement Tatanka, realized at once that this man was sick. Tatanka was so gentle!  He licked his crippled hands and  very quite sat in the man’s lap!
I am so happy that my boy is the great dog he is.
Thank you Fredericka, and keep up the good work with this wonderful breed. I trust Tatanka with everyone (and everyone just loves him)!

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