Surin L


Lucy and Fredericka,

I sincerely apologize for not writing earlier and giving an update on Surin. She is doing great! She is so much a part of this family and I know we would be lost with our her. She is around 160lbs or 170lbs at the moment, but that is just a guess. We are going to the Vet on Tuesday for a checkup and will find out for sure. There is family we met here that has an English Mastiff and Surin and he play well together. Actually we have had friends over with their dogs and Surin gets along with every dog and I cant tell you about the many praises we receive on her temperament. Also just some additional information we are expecting, so we are really excited about this news as well. Attached are 5 pictures. 2 of them are from Surin laying on the kitchen floor, 2 are with he laying in her bed (very Pretty by the way), 1 when my son, surin and I went for a hike, and the one with my son Alexander giving her a new play toy. I hope you are all doing well. Thanks again for everything!

Talk to you soon!

Anthony L



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