Sent: Friday, January 09, 2009
Subject: Sumo sacked out
Sumo is doing great! We watched a movie tonite and Sumo got quite comfy with me. She is so laid back and sweet. Thought you'd get a kick out of seeing her "laid out like a hot breakfast".
Hope yall are well!

Sent: Friday, December 26, 2008
Subject: Re: Sumo

Hi there Lucy. I love to give Sumo her belly rubs and have told her they are from you. She loves them. She is doing so well. I didn't mention this while we were together but my Mom is in the hospital and will pass soon. She has been in failing health for years now and a kidney transplant two years ago was a real marker for her decline. We had such hopes for her when we found out she had a match but sadly, that surgery seemed to be too much for her weakened body and only served to increase her decline. The last two years specifically have been hard but in the last two months her decline has really accelerated and we find ourselves facing her passing. I write this to you because I want you to know how much sweet Sumo has been a comfort already. She is a bright furry joy in a time that is otherwise difficult. Thank you. We are all so in love with her and we believe the timing of her coming to live with us is nothing short of providential.
We will forever be grateful to you and Fredericka.
Warmly, Deb

Sent: Wednesday, December 24, 2008
Subject: Re: Sumo
Hi there!
Just wanted to let ya'll know that Sumo went to the vet today. His words were that she "is perfect"!! Of course we were not at all surprised to hear that great news!
Thank you so much for the best Christmas present ever.
We hope Christmas is wonderful for ya'll!
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Sent: Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Subject: Re: Sumo

We named her Sumo after the big wrestlers too!
She is a total delight!! We had a great first night- she loves her bed. I took her out at 1:00am and at 5:00am and she whimpered for a few minutes after she got back in bed and then went right to sleep.She is eating little bits here and there and we are making sure she has food and water always. We are keeping things calm and peaceful and she seems to be getting adjusted nicely. We are head over heels! I'm planning to start the chicken today and take her to the vet tomorrow. Ill send an update!
Good to hear from you- deb
                                                 PS- I attached another pic called Sumo content. She is such a sweet mellow girl!

Sent: Monday, December 22, 2008
Subject: Sumo

Hi Fredericka and Lucy!
 We are safely home after a perfect ride in the car. We decided to name our  sweet girl Sumo! We hope it makes you smile! She whined 3 times on the  ride home to let us know she needed a potty break and she went no problem!  She is the sweetest - we are all in love! She just ate and is getting acclimated to her bed. We are so happy - thank you so much. And we just  loved meeting you both - the children refer to you Fredericka as Granny - thank you for all of the wonderful goodies you sent for the children!!
Thank you both for your generosity and warm kindness to all of us today.
                                                        We are so thankful!
                                                        With affection,deb
                                                        PS- hope you enjoy the photo. We will send more soon!

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