Sugar M

Dear Fredericka and Bob, With Mastiff size holes in our hearts we send this email to let you know our Sweet Sugar was layed to rest yesterday. It was nine and a half years ago we made the drive from NC to Ohio to get our fur baby. You may remember us from the time we brought her back because we thought she had snapped at our newborn and when we left she tore through the cage trying to get to us and we drove back the next day to get her. We decided Sugar was merely startled from sleep and she quickly loved and protected our son becoming quite the babysitter. She was diagnosed with mass cell cancer three years ago and was only given a 50/50 chance of living six months. We radically changed her diet and had three more wonderful years. The past two months she began to limp which quickly got worse, this past week we discovered she had bone cancer and realizing that pain and anti-inflammation meds were not giving her relief we made the decision to peacefully lay her to rest. We miss her dearly and as I said we have a huge void. Our daily life was wrapped around her because she was always there and, happy to do whatever you wanted, and wanted to be with you...from vacation to sleep. It is true every family needs a mastiff, such a gentle giant was our Sugar. As our heart heals we look to the day we bring another home. Lord bless and thank you for such a blessing! Lee, Jennifer, and Noah

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