Simi C


We received Simi from your farm almost 4 years ago. We had to turn off our internet and were unable to send you pictures of her or updates. This is very late in coming but I wanted to drop you a line and let you know that one of yours was doing great.

When we brought her home we had adopted a 9 year old, mastiff, Rottweiler, saint Bernard mix. The two got along famously. Monday we said good-bye to Duchess but Simi is adjusting. Simi did go to obedience school and loves other dogs and people.

Simi loves to pay fetch, Frisbee and likes to carry her ball around. I know these are not typical traits but that is what she likes to do. She is healthy, we have been very blessed with her. She thinks she is a lap dog. Likes to sleep with us and absolutely loves car rides. She thinks she is the navigator in the car. You have created a very special breed, we would not trade her for anything.

Best Regards,
Renee C.


The Brindle is Simi, the American Mastiff female and the Apricot is Duchess, a Mastiff mix.


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