Shak K.
In Memory

Hi Fredericka

I am writing to you today with a heavy heart. On Monday June 4th, our beloved Shak passed away due to complications with bone cancer. We ended up amputating his rear leg once it was detected and he did great for a couple of months. However, two weeks ago he started coughing up blood, not eating, lethargic, and losing weight. X-rays confirmed our fears that the cancer had spread to his lungs. We made the very difficult decision to put him to sleep before he started to suffer any worse. He had just turned eight on April 28th. As you can imagine, we were devastated and will miss him greatly.

Shak was the greatest dog I have ever owned patient, intelligent and compassionate. Words don't even do him justice. Since his passing, we have had over 50 people reach out to us who were touched by him at some point during his life. Just an amazing testament to his nobility. You should be very proud of the lineage you have created at Flying W. I've attached a couple of photos of Shak.

Tony and Delphine C.

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