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Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2008

Well it's been a while since we updated you on Samantha (Sami's) progress, so I thought I'd drop a line and a few pics as well. We picked up Sami late November '07 when she was 12 weeks old, but if you remember.. she was  born on the same day both my wife and I were born August 23rd. So we knew  right then that it was just meant to be :-)

 She's a little over 9 months old now and probably weighs a little over 100 lbs by now, it's been a while since we weighed her. Sami is just wonderful. This was the first pet my wife and I owned together, so we were very
 excited to come and get her. It was expensive and quite the car ride from
 Chicago, but have not for one moment thought it was a mistake. Everywhere we go, she gets all the attention and rightfully so. She was by far the most popular pup in puppy school, and our neighbors love to pet her when we take her  on walks. At home we are still trying to break her of getting so excited  when people come over, but outside in public she is a model citizen. She sits calmly and let's all the neighborhood boys and girls pet her. We are  about to start our advanced training class later this month, and hopefully  after that she will receive her good canine citizen certification. We would  LOVE to use her as a therapy dog, and hopefully can make that a reality soon. She is showing no signs of any skeletal issues, and her temperament is
 wonderful.  I can 100% recommend this breed and a great  family pet. She'll be as active or as lazy as we are,  is very smart and ready to learn whatever we throw at her. We were very diligent about  house training her, and literally she didn't have a single accident after a few
 days, it was unbelievable. She hasn't jumped up on a couch, hasn't taken any food that wasn't given to her, and hasn't chewed anything that wasn't  hers to chew in probably 5 months.

 We recently adopted a Neapolitan Mastiff mix (George) so she could have a little brother. She is wonderful with him. Very patient, but yet still maintains her dominance. He just loves her to death. Every morning, he
 can't resist running in her cage to give her morning kisses all over her face.

To make a long story short, she is everything we expected and nothing we didn't. I had hoped she would be bigger, but I wouldn't trade her personality for anything. We have attached some pictures that hopefully
 paint the picture of her life up to this point.. there are so many it was hard to narrow them down.

Dan & Alison


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