Angus B

Subject: RE: Sabra C
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2015
From: Steve C

Hello Fredericka,

I forgot to tell you that Sabra's father and mother were Neil and Grettle. I also wanted to send a couple of more pictures of our girl.

Sorry it has taken me almost eight years to send you some pictures but today we said goodbye to one of our family members, Sabra. Sabra was a shining light in our family and always had a way of making everyone happy. She took care of my pregnant wife while I was deployed in Iraq and watched over my kids as if they were her own. Sabra, was my best friend and we will miss her dearly.

Although, losing her today is emotionally difficult, I wanted everyone that reads this to know how wonderful Sabra (Your American Mastiff) was to our family.

When I flew out to Ohio seven and half years ago, I had no idea which puppy I was going to pick. All I knew is that I was getting a girl. When the puppies were let out for me to choose, they all ran and I snatched one up before she got away. I thought I had found the one but as I looked down between my feet there was someone choosing me. I let the puppy that I was holding down and picked up the puppy that was waiting so patiently. That puppy was Sabra.

On behalf of my family and I, we say thank you for breeding the most loving, beautiful friend anyone could ever have.

These pictures were taken April 16, 2015 (Her Last Day). Smiling to the end.

Thank You,
The C Family

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