Phoebe A

Phoebe's father is Gideon Dan and mother is Dixie's Carolina. She was born 4/15/2014.

Subject: Phoebe Update
Date: Sat, 07 Mar 2015
From: Neil A
To: Flying W Farms

Hi Lucy & Fredericka,

We just wanted to give you an update on Phoebe. She is thriving and having a grand old time with her new Rottweiler sisters, Nolia and Layla (along with Scooby, the Boston Terrier who lives next door with John's dad). Phoebe has a really special relationship with Nolia and Layla; they really love Phoebe and still treat her like the puppy she is even though she's twice their size! They even let her take naps lying right on top of them (see pictures attached); hard to figure out how they breathe underneath all that Mastiff but the arrangement evidently works.

She's still a princess, as she's always been, and John and the dogs are happy to put up with her silliness. The Rottweilers give her regular spa treatments, cleaning out her ears every day while she relaxes. She has a lot of energy for a Mastiff and wants to play all the time. She really loves the snow and has been having lots of fun with all the blizzards that have been hitting the region. She's growing fast and is probably 120 pounds or more by now. Hope you are well and we'll continue to send you updates in the future!

Neil & Judith

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