Odin H.

Buttercup x Nigel Bear II









Sent: Saturday, October 09, 2010
Subject: Odin H. Buttercup x Nigel Bear II
Hi Lucy and Fredericka,   Enclosed are some pics of Odin from the day we picked him up to recently. Fredericka referred to him as a little lion and I think she hit the nail on the head. It is amusing that he does tend to stalk and pounce on things. He also does a very notable feline arch of the back as he gets up and stretches! He is a beautiful dog and very very adorable. He was 15 lbs. when we picked him up and 57 lbs. at 16 weeks. He is averaging a weight gain of 3/4 lbs. a day. We have made it through the worst of the puppy biting. Lucy's article was appreciated and a neighbor's Bermese mountain dog (approx. 7mos. Odin's elder) was instrumental in helping Odin learn appropriate control.
As many of your families have stated (with their dogs)...Odin is the hit of the neighborhood. The kids love him and come running when they see him out or in some cases ring the doorbell when he is not. We have been a few years without a dog so we and our "adult" boys are thoroughly enjoying having Odin as a member of our family!! Please feel free to post any pics that you like. Thank You!!
Lenore and Bruce H.


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