We wanted to send an e-mail to update you on Maximus (Max). He is doing great and growing! Just over 7 months and weighs 106 lbs. He is a big teddy bear, as you can tell from the photos I have attached. All of them were taken over the last two - three days. He is wonderful with the kids and their friends, who are constantly in and out. As you may also have noticed from the photos, he especially enjoys lounging around his family with a 'chew toy'. Fortunately, he has never been interested in chewing furniture or any other parts of our home. He does have a fondness for dish towels, if offered. A bad habit Joe initiated for play, but he prefers a basketball he has recently deflated or a rope toy. He is without a doubt the greatest pet we've ever had. I am a little biased, of course, because I can honestly say I have never had an animal that truly loved me so much! He just always wants to be where ever I am. Over the years we have had several Golden Retrievers, Labradors and even a Boxer once, but none of them compare to the excellent fit Max has made with our family. He was effortless to housebreak and is always the best fellow to have around. Thanks again for paring us up with our baby!

C. LaFon
Max's Mom

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