In Memory

Max H






Sent: Monday, April 06, 2009

Subject: SAD DAY !!!!!!!


Hi Fredericka,

My name is Jay and  I got Max from you couple of years ago. Max got hit by car !!!!! Our little girl was playing across the street, and crying…… Max ran to her. We are in such mourning right now, I can hardly even write this E-mail ! I know nothing will replace Max, but Shandeen (my little one) needs her best friend, guardian, companion.

 I am in Az. now, living on a Navajo Reservation. I was just passing through ( doing the travel nurse thing ), met a cute little Indian girl and got married. Everybody here knew Max, and misses him. He was like a movie star ! Sending you some pics of Max and my little family.     R.I.P.

Fredericka…..please help me feel this empty place in our home. I will drive out there, fly out, what ever it takes.


Thank you,



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