April 14,2002

I wanted to write and tell you how wonderful our Max is!  He is loving and my constant companion.  He goes to work every day with me, and on breaks we take walks! He is being trained as a "Helper Dog" for me.  My Multiple Sclerosis sometimes makes my left leg very weak.  We've often been on walks where it is hard to get home without dragging that leg.  Max is being trained to help me get up when I fall, and to let me lean on him when I need to.  Chris and I are already looking forward to welcoming our second American
Mastiff into the family, although it will probably be at least a year away. Max was neutered, much to the disappointment of his trainers.  Everyone in contact with Max just loves him!
Julie and Chris


Hello, Fredericka,
MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I was having trouble walking yesterday so I put
on Max's harness and we walked with Max as my cane for over a mile!
Max is so proud to be helping me walk. He walks with his head high and
very slowly by my side. I will send pictures in a few days, they are wonderful!
Happy Holidays!! Chris, Julie and Max.


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