Duchess and Ben Born May, 2007



Sent: Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Subject: Luna (Duchess and Ben May 31 2007)

Fredericka and Lucy
   Luna (Duchess and Ben May 31 2007) is doing great! She turned two in May and is doing very well. She looks great. She has a nice lean build. Her and Jessica just love each other. They cant get enough of each other. Hope all is well on the farm. Sorry its been awile since my last email. I will send more pics soon. Take care and God bless.



Luna @ four months with Jessica                                          Jessica and Luna taking a nap


Sent: Friday, November 02, 2007

Subject: Luna

Just dropping you a line to tell you that Luna is doing great! She is about 5 and half months old and weighs in at 61 lbs. Jessica takes such good care of her and Luna is always by her side. She is about six weeks into puppy training and doing very well. She is upto date on all her shots and will get spayed later this month. Luna is the star at Jessica's bus stop. All the kids and parents love her. And forget about when we take her out with us. Everybody stops us and asks lots of questions.
 Thanks again for a great puppy!  John D.


American Mastiff Puppy-Luna & Jessica

Jessica and Luna (9 weeks) taking a ride


American Mastiff Puppy          American Mastiff Puppy-Luna

Luna and Jessica coloring                                                 Luna @ 9 weeks


Sent: Saturday, August 04, 2007
Subject: Luna Pictures
  Jessica and Luna are doing great together. They have become best friends very quickly. Everyone who meets Luna just loves her! Thanks so much for the great puppy.

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