Luna S.


Luna and the boys-2009     Luna stretch-2009     Luna 2009    Luna with Christmas toy-2009

From: Matt & Rebecca

Sent: Sunday, January 10, 2010

Subject: update on LUNA

Hi Fredericka-

Luna is doing well, and we love having her so much. These are some recent pictures from December. We love just watching her grow! We finished the puppy training class, and she had so much fun with the other puppies. They would play, and she would just end up laying down on them! We start Basic Obedience this week. There is a good dog club in our area, and I’d like to train her for Therapy work.



From: Matt & Rebecca

Sent: Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Luna is doing great! Growing like crazy – she’s up to 49 lbs. She has adult teeth coming in, so she is doing lots of chewing. We are keeping her busy with bones and toys. We are going to Puppy Class one night a week, and she just loves the other people and dogs. She is a very social little girl. We are traveling for Thanksgiving and she will be staying home with a babysitter, so hopefully that will go OK. Enjoy the pictures.

Rebecca, Matt, Toby and Sam



From: Matt & Rebecca

Sent: Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Subject: LUNA


Dear Fredericka and Lucy-

We made it home fine with our precious new family member, Luna. She cried when we left the farm, but was quickly settled and looking around. We weren’t all that comfortable because she is so big and she didn’t really fit on my lap. She finally laid with her back side on me and her whole body sprawled across the center consol, inching her head closer and closer to the boys in the back seat. We had a great first day together and she is adjusting to her new home. Thank you so much for such a beautiful baby. We will keep you updated.



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