Kona Z

Son of Dixie's Carolina x Bregon Born:03/14/11

Hello! I hope this message finds you well!

Kona turned 15 months last week, so I thought it was time for a quick update. He is doing great!!! He was 206 lbs. at his weigh in at 15 months...holding steady from his last weight check about 2.5 months prior. I cut back his food since he was losing his waistline a little...he is now a lean machine! - although since there was no actual weight loss, I have to assume he grew UP. Haha! I will have to measure him again soon to see :-)
Kona is blossoming into such a wonderful, awesome dog! I have been working with him on walks and on public outings to shape his manners, and it is really paying off! He is much more calm and polite when meeting people and dogs even too. He still gets excited usually around other dogs, but he has gotten better. Just means there is room for improvement and something to keep challenging him on! I plan to enroll in some training classes at the end of the summer, and with any luck I would LOVE to have his CGC certification by the end of the year. I am already so proud of him and feel honored that I have such a sweet sweet boy. We recently bought an RV travel trailer - what fun! We are planning weekend camping trips and we love that Kona gets to join us. He completes our family.

Anyways - here are some photos for you! Feel free to use them on your website if you like! As you will see - we had a visit from Maximus (Dixie's Carolina x Neil III). I can't believe we have a half-brother to Kona so close! Chris and his fiance live only about an hour from us. Kona was a good big boy...Maximus had tons of energy and definitely gave Kona a workout! LOL!

Take care and God bless! Lots of kisses from Kona :-)




February 2012

We got some more good shots of Kona this past weekend - hope you enjoy!
Will be in touch in a couple weeks for Kona’s one year weigh-in and probably some more photos…my husband’s been having a blast with our new camera!
Take care and God bless you all!
Steph Z and Kona



Subject: Kona - A couple photos from the beach
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2011
From: Stephanie Z
Hello there!
I wanted to send you a couple photos of Kona at the beach! We were in the Outer Banks, NC the first week in October. He was such a good boy in the car (approx. 8 hr trip) and adjusted so well at the rental home we had!!! My husband's parents stayed with us, and his mom just thought he was the sweetest thing! Can't wait to take him to the beach again, it was such a nice experience and we all had a great time :-)
Take care, God bless!
Steph and Kona






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