Lucy and Fredericka,

I hope everyone is doing well. Kitty turned 6 months old last week. Our little boy is not so little :) It was 101 pounds at six months. He truly is quite a character and provides nonstop entertainment. He is truly a gentle giant (except when it comes to his toys). Every evening, Kitty and our male cat play. It is fun to watch Kitty just lay his head on Gabe in an effort to pin him. At no time are we (or Gabe) ever worried Kitty will hurt him. He is so gentle, and after playtime is over, Kitty drinks some water and then comes over to give Gabe a kiss (which ends up resulting in water running all over Gabe).

Kitty is doing amazing with his lessons from training. We have enrolled him in the second course and will be enrolling him in an agility course as well (just the ground activities to help him learn where his paws are).

As I said....Kitty is a gentle giant, with the exception of his toys. He loves to destroy toys and looks so pound of himself when he brings the carcass of a toy over to me. He has one toy left from when we got him. The poor thing is destroyed, but I believe it is his comfort toy. He sleeps with the carcass every night, and brings it from room to room.

Kitty also LOVES the water. Every morning it is a challenge because he tries to get into the shower. On several occasions he has gotten into the shower as I am trying to get ready for work. Below is a picture from this morning. He is waiting for me to turn the water on :)

It is a great boy...and we cannot thank you enough. It has been an amazing four months with him, and we cannot wait to see what he looks like a year.

Lucy and Fredericka,

Kitty is 5 1/2 months now, and just finished he first training course. Everyone loves him, and he never misses an opportunity to get some extra pets or attention. A couple of week ago, we drove back to Ohio for an event. Kitty was such a good traveler. He slept most of the way, and woke up long enough to see what was going on and to get some belly rubs. Despite being in a new environment, he was a good boy in the hotel. Never barked, or had any accidents. One day when we came back from being out, Kitty had decided he was done with his exercise pen. He pushed on it until the clips gave out. To our surprise, we came back to the room and were promptly greeted by him. What amazed us is that he did not touch or play with anything that was not "Kitty approved". He even ignored the bag of food we had on the floor. A few weeks ago he was 86lbs. I am guessing he is pushing 95 now, but will know for sure this weekend when I take him to get weighed.

We look back at pictures and are just amazed at how quickly he is growing. Despite his size, he still manages to curl up into a little ball. Below is a picture from the hotel with him curled up on his blanket.

Again, we are truly grateful for having Kitty in our lives. I will be sure to send more pictures and updates as the little guy grows into what no doubt will be a large handsome man :)

Lucy and Fredericka,
Had to share this picture. Kitty just figured out he can sit on the couch while his front paws are on the floor.


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