The picture was taken at about 5 months


Sent: Monday, September 01, 2008

Subject: Neil (Suma) and Gretles' puppy


Hi Fredericka and Lucy,

I just wanted to update you on our wonderful Java.  Java is growing by leaps and bounds, smart as a whip and lots of fun.  We had him to the vet last week and hes up to 90 pounds.  Hes a little ribsy again because hes had some tummy problems.  Nothing to be concerned about.  I only mention it because I think hes actually down a few pounds.  Hes a good boy, he chews his bones and toys faithfully, never gets into trouble when we are away and loves Frisbees and chasing balls.  He loves the hose and puddles.  There are a few places to take him for a swim, but I think well wait until next summer.  He loves the water, though.  Hes a fierce foe to all spiders and ants who dare to come into the house and leaps and pounces like a cat when hes really happy or excited.  Hes content to stay in the yard, would like to explore the woods, but weve discouraged that.  He loves to ride in the car and we bought a van, which is a big hit, too!


Java loves people, men especially.  Hes an angel with kids.  So patient and calm.  They can play with his ears and tail, lift his lips and tickle his toes.  He just allows it.  Such a good boy.  He knows Im his momma and stays with me all day, until dad comes home.  Then gbye!  Java loves his daddy SO MUCH!  Its adorable.  That said, dont be surprised if in a few years, you see our name looking to be put on the waiting list for a sweet sister for Java. 


Hes a beautiful dog, his face is well proportioned and his coat is a beautiful mix of colors.  Does he have a brindle in his background?  Hes a light apricot with some silvery fawn in places.  He is many different shades in between with a white splash on his chest and chin.  He also has black hairs sprinkled all around.  Hes gorgeous and everyone who sees him is amazed.


Looking forward to hearing from you,


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