Father, Nigel & Mother, Buttercup


Hi, Fredericka
 Ryan -age 6- and Isabella -age 8 weeks

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Isabella, daughter of Nigel and Buttercup, is now 8 weeks old and such ajoy! She is a precious puppy -a wonderful addition to our family. Isabella was house-trained in one day. She has already learned to walk
on her leash nicely, to sit on command, to refrain from jumping up on people, and more! She is everything we hoped for -truly a gift. My grandsons love her, as you can see from the photo of her with my 6 year
old grandson Ryan. I have a brand new grandbaby girl Londyn, and have no doubt that Isabella will be the perfect pet puppy to have around her and my one-year-old grandson Camron. In time, Isabella will, no doubt, become the gentle giant of our household. We are sincerely grateful to the Wagners for creating this incredible breed of dog and for allowing us to provide a home for Isabella.
Sincerely, Jean Crawford


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