Fawn Female from Rufus & Kacie born June 8, 2006


Hero at 14 1/2 months



Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2008
Subject: Fwd: "Hero" - (FEMALE)
  We just celebrated Hero's 2nd birthday and I thought it would be a good time to share some pictures of our water girl with you!  That's right, I said "water girl".  In December we moved to Georgia, and now we live just across the street from a small lake.  I admit I was a little worried about Hero taking to water that first morning -- I just couldn't imagine how a dog her size (thick, muscular) could swim... But she does, and she LOVES it :-)  I have attached a few pictures of her, both swimming and having fun with our family around the house. 
Hero has been such an amazing part of our family that I even hesitate to call her a "dog", she's our Baby!  Everyone is always impressed with her gentle, loving, and intelligent personality.  People always ask me about her and compliment her on her behavior :-)
Thank you Fredericka, we can't thank you enough for our Hero girl, and we look forward to hearing from you :-)
~Carrie, Chuck, Joshua, and Hero


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