Gypsy Rose




Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2007
Subject: Gypsy Rose

Hi Fredericka and Lucy!
Sorry it has taken a few months to write, with the wedding and everything this summer we've been super busy.
Gypsy Rose  is doing great! She's the best dog  anyone could ask for. We've never had a single accident in the house
and she gets along wonderfully with our little pug Layla. From day one Layla made sure to prove she was Queen of the house, but Gypsy is definately the Princess. People  stop us constantly on our nightly walks to meet Gypsy, and love the fact that Layla and Gypsy look like "twins".

We're extremely happy to have her in our home and she has been a fabulous addition to the family. Attached are a few photos of Gypsy Rose.
Best Wishes,
Lee and Sandra


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