Grace A.

Date: Wed, 9 May 2012

Hi Fredericka and Lucy, Grace is stunningly beautiful both inside and out. She is doing very well in kindergarten and both all the puppies and their owners all love her. I take her many places to expose her to as much as possible sights, sounds, people, and animals. She just goes with the flow. She showed her herding instinct this morning when one of our cats went into the yard(she knows she's not supposed to). I was calling her to come in but she didn't want to. Grace went down the stairs and over to where she was behind a bush and nudged her and then barked for her to go back upstairs. Grace stayed until she persuaded the cat to go on up and then followed her up the stairs Also, yesterday I was putting ear drops in her momma Harley's ears but she was fighting me making it difficult. Grace saw the struggle and put her body in between us so as to protect her momma. I could go on about all of her great qualities but suffice it to say she is very loved and very comfortable in her new home!
Kindest Regards, Toni

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