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Subject: Gibson Update and Thunder Tattoo
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2013
From: lori
To: Flying Bright Farms

Good morning Lucy and Fredericka,

Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to give you some updates on our precious boy Gibson. He is 4 months today and weighed almost 53 lbs last week. I don't think you could have given us a more perfect dog. He potty trained unbelievably quickly. If think he had 5 accidents in the house total and that would have been the first 4 weeks. He has been going to the door and asking to go out for the last month or so. He finished puppy preschool where the focus was on socialization. He met so many people and went lots of places where he was exposed to all kinds of noises, environments and people. He was a bit fearful of other dogs for some reason (even though he lives with one) so that is what we have been working on with the trainer. We are proud to say he has come almost full circle with this and now wants to play with other dogs. He loves, loves, loves people. He has the sweetest disposition and is such a quick learner. He is the most well behaved pup we have ever seen. He sticks totally to his toys and never goes after furniture or other items in the house. How he knows the difference we have no idea but it's been great. We can leave him in the house alone out of his crate for 1-2 hours after he is tired out and he is fine. We don't want to push our luck right now and leave him longer but want him to start getting use to being out on a gradual basis. He is so funny too! He cracks me up in the yard. I look out to check on him and the first few times I panicked because I didn't see him but now I know where to look. We have several gardens and he likes to center himself in them like a statue and just sit and look around. He switches from garden to garden but he is always sitting right smack in the middle looking stoic. He is also a talker and a licker which we love! He is very vocal and reminds us of Scooby Do and we of course love his kisses. Did I mention how beautiful he is. We love his color, his markings and his sweet face. We think he is going to be much bigger than Thunder. The vet says his hips, heart, everything is perfect. He is a hit everywhere we take him. He has definitely healed our hearts from the loss of Thunder. He will start puppy kindergarten in a few weeks where the focus is more on the basic commands. I know he will be the biggest kid in the class but also the sweetest.

I attached a few pics of him and one of the tattoo Bob got in honor of Thunder. Thank you again for our sweet boy, we couldn't have asked for a better dog and know he is sooooooo....... loved!


Lori and Bob

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