Subject: Flex is a New Big Brother!
Date: Sun, 1 Mar 2015
From: mark t

Good evening!
This is Mark & Katrina and we hope this finds you all well. We Welcomed Flex from Flying W Farms into our family about 5 years ago. He has been such an amazing edition to our family and is indeed the neighborhood Gentle Giant. Flex has been wonderful to come home to each day and very friendly with people. He has just recently become a big brother to our first Daughter Mikayla in August. If any parents with kids already, or expecting parents wonder, let's be the first to say how great Flex has been with her! We made sure to bring home some baby clothes with her smell on it before we brought Mikayla home and Flex gave them a few good smells and that was all he wanted to know. He already knew :-) It was amazing to see how gentle and protective of her he was when she first arrived home and took it in stride. Went from sleeping on his twin mattress in our room, to right by the rocker next to Katrina. When we transitioned Mikayla over to her own room, Flex made a move too. He now sleeps out in the hall right in front of her room at the stairs also making sure he has enough view into our room jussst making sure he's got us all covered. Flex is also pretty slick when folks come over. He comes and gets his pets and belly rubs like always and then circles around like a (very large) ninja to slide himself in between whoever is holding Mikayla and anyone else standing near her with tail wagging away and getting more pets. No mistake he's also making sure to keep Mikayla safe :-) Thank you so very much for bringing this blessing into our lives! We love Flex so much and are grateful for you at Flying W Farms!


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