Son of Dixie Ann and Ben Hershey



Dutch and TJ         Dutch and Tucker (the Boston Terrier)       

                                                                 Cordell, Dutch and Tucker playing with a stick in the backyard.  I think Cordell won.

Sent: Tuesday, November 03, 2009
Subject: Re: How is Puppy doing?

Hi Fredericka and Lucy,
 I'm attaching more photos - I really wanted you to see the size Dutch has grown to at 9 months old - he'll be 10 months on Nov. 11 - another week.  But he's pretty massive that Mastiff!


Dutch and Tucker (8 month old Boston Terrier)

Sent: Monday, October 26, 2009
Subject: Re: How is Puppy doing?
 Hi Lucy and Fredericka,
 He's sooo big it's hard to think of him as a puppy!!!
 I take pix all the time - these were the last ones taken - playing with Tucker - so I could show everyone the size difference between our Boston and (at the time 8 month old puppy)!  :-)

Dutch at 6 months         Dutch at 6 months

Dutch at 6 months old


Sent: Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Subject: Sharing photos and update

Dear Fredericka and Lucy,

Dutch (son of Dixie Ann and Ben Hershey) is 5 months old as of last Thursday.....he was potty trained in ONE month exactly - I was really happy about that because no crate was used - he had full run of the house since day one.....still does! I'm in the process of training him. He's REALLY smart and can sit, stay, lay down and come. Will be working on more shortly. He's such a COOL dog - a big sweetheart and him and my Boston play together nicely. The other day we took him to Petsmart for a bath when my fiance brought him home I thought he would come running to me...but once he got out of the car he ran to our Boston was running to him from the back of the yard! It was the cutest thing ever! Thank you SOOOO much for everything!
Amanda & Cordell

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