Duke K

Son of Hershey and Junie


Sent: Friday, October 24, 2008
Subject: Duke Son of Hershey and Junie

Hi Lucy & Fredricka,

It's the K's and Duke!  He has been growing literally over night!

He's been up to date with his vet checks etc.  here is how his weight has been:
7-14-08:  39 lbs
8-11-08  54.5 lbs
10-24-08 today:  100 LBS  wow!
I've had him quite a few obedience classes and now we're ready for group classes!
We've taking him camping, walking through our woods, car rides, Nature Walks and he loves it.  
Lucy, he still loves playing in water.  (not his bowl anymore)  but he loves bathtime.  I've never seen a dog love water and put his head underwater to blow bubbles - that just cracks me up!
Fredericka, you're right the play biting, etc all came to an end!
I'll send you actual pictures in the mail so you can have them to look at whenever you want.
I'll attach some to this email. Thank you for such a great puppy!  We love him to death!!

Talk-type to you soon.

The K's -  & Duke



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