Duchess Roxanne

Certified Service Dog

Daughter of Duchess and Ben

DOB  5-31-2007


Sent: Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Subject: More Duchess Roxanne pictures

Wanted to send more pictures with the letter I just sent, however, could not get them to go through!  As you can see she still loves to sleep on her back! Silly girl!

God Bless,

Jerrie C

Sent: Sunday, May 01, 2011

Subject: Duchess Roxanne aka: Roxy (Certified Service Dog)

Duchess Roxanne aka:Roxy

Dear Fredricka,

A lot has happened since I last sent an update and pictures of Roxy.  She is my dual purpose California State Certified Service Dog now, she is a Medical Alert (coronary) and Mobility Service dog.  She is my special angel. She has her C.G.C. (AKCís Canine Good Citizen)  and many more certifications,  My trainer told me I should notify you so that you could share this information with others.  I hope you and others enjoy the pictures.  She wanted to make sure I took a picture of her back with her uniform on, she is quite proud of all her accomplishments. (So am I) Notice, she has her name and a working watch on her necklace  (aka: a collar)  We keep her weight to 155 lbs, her vet says its perfect for her to live a long and healthy life.  Thank you so much for creating this wonderful breed.  I hope this is helpful to anyone looking for a service dog.  My baby girl is  extra smart, loving, friendly and is always on the job to help her mommy.

God Bless,

Jerrie C.


Roxanne goes to Yellowstone





Sent: Thursday, September 20, 2007

Subject: Duchess Roxanne

Duchess Roxanne  aka: Roxy

Hi Fredricka,

As you can see by the pictures Roxy is doing great. She is 16 weeks old now and is  41.5 lbs of love and affection.  She got a new hat last week and insisted I send a picture.  When I put it on her there was no reaction from her.  She wears it when we go for our walks and I think she likes it....

The other pictures are of us playing fetch in the backyard, she knows what release means, and is happy to give the ball up so I will throw it again. I hope this finds you all well and in great spirits.

God Bless,




Sent: Saturday, September 01, 2007

Subject: Duchess Roxanne 13 weeks old

Duchess Roxanne  aka: Roxy

Hello Fredricka,

Well, as you can tell by the pictures attached Roxy is getting along really well with all the other family members, Rainbow the Macaw, Sassy the cat and Seren the Papillion.

I took her yesterday for her shots and the vet said she has never seen a more well behave puppy.   She is the center of attention where ever I take her.  She loves greeting new people, and is such a lover.

She is awesome on the leash, NO tugging or pulling, she really likes this bye-bye stuff.  She sits in the seat and watches out the window like she has been doing it for years.

I know you hear it all the time, however, Thank you again for such an awesome puppy.

God bless you,



Duchess Roxanne Puppy in the Garden     Duchess Roxanne

In the Garden                                          In the Grass




Silly girl sleeping                                      Does it look like me?




Duchess Roxanne 8 weeks old



Sent: Thursday, August 09, 2007

Subject: Duchess Roxanne

Duchess Roxanne   aka:  Roxy

Hi Fredericka,

Roxy is so awesome, the vet said she was absolutely beautiful, like I already didn't know that....She weighed 15 lbs when I took her last Monday by Sunday she weighed 18.3lbs We had shots given Sunday and the stool sample came back with no parasites.  I had a trainer come over last week and give me  a couple of hints,  She also worked with Zackery and Kaylyn my children, on the proper way to correct Roxy. Roxy  sits, and comes to her name, she is learning to walk with me on a leash with no tugging involved.  She gets along well with all the animals, she loves the kitty that makes that hissing sound,  she is not sure what to make of her.  Rainbow, my scarlet macaw has taken a liking to Roxy, She gets down off her perch and plays with Roxy's toys while Roxy is lying down chewing away on one of her toys, I'll try to get a photo of that and send it to cute!!!!!   She is 10 weeks old today and weighs 19.5 lbs. she is such the lady!!!!  I will keep intouch and send lots of photos.

God bless you,


Sent: Monday, July 30, 2007

Subject: Duchess Roxanne and I made it home

Duchess Roxanne

aka: Roxy!!!!

Hi Fredericka and Lucy,

Sorry this has taken me a couple of days to let you know we are home safe. 

US Airlines was awesome to Roxy and I, they even bumped us up to first class, and had no problem with Roxy sitting on the empty seat next to me the entire way home, except for taking off and landing.  She was such a good girl, so smart and beautiful.  She went potty every time I took her out to grass, Potty training is going to be a snap.  My husband said she has exceeded his expectations in every way.  I will keep the photos coming and let you know about her progress. She has an appointment today with her vet at 2:30, I am sure all will be well. Thank you again,  she is so perfect, you do an awesome job!

God bless,    Jerrie

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