Subject: Re: Cynder
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2013
To: Flying W Farms

I just thought I would pass along an update of our beloved Cynder. She is the by far the sweetest, lovable, LARGEST, pup we have ever owned! She is 140+lbs now, and truly am dear member of our family. We had her spayed, which did calm down the puppy in her a bit, which was a good thing. She still loves to play and take her evening strolls around the neighborhood. We get stopped on the street weekly, by total strangers asking about her breed, and to tell how beautiful she, which of course we already know, ha ha! Any way, hope all is good on the farm. I attached a few pics for you to see how she has grown.
Thank you so much for her!
Curt, Gretchen, and Renton

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