From: Amy Hardt 
To: Fredericka Wagner 
Sent: Friday, February 08, 2002 11:52 PM

Hi Fredericka,
We are suppose to be getting more snow tomorrow.  We are all very excited.  
Cranberry loves to pull Courtney on the sled.
Cranberry has brought many joys to our family.  
I have another roll of film to be developed this week.
Cranberry will be 7 months on Monday, weighing 91 pounds.  Big and extremely gentle.  
Living in the middle of no where, it is nice having a huge dog even though she
would probably lick the people to death if they tried getting out of their cars.  
Most people sit in their cars and honk the horn until I come out.  I love this dog.
Warm Blessings,
Amy Hardt

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