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Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008

Subject: Boagrius (A.K.A. Bo)


Hi Lucy and Fredericka,

                I finally am sending pictures of Boagrius (A.K.A. Bo-Bear).    He is now almost 15 weeks old and weighing in at almost 60 lbs.  I can not believe how fast he grows, and those huge paws sure do make for a clumsy puppy.  He took to potty training extremely fast, he knew to go outside from the day he came home.  He is in puppy training class and doing really well.  He absolutely loves treats and that makes for a very focused student when we are practicing his training.  He stays by us for the most part when we go on short walks and in the front yard but he does love to explore and push the boundaries, but a quick whistle at him and he usually turns around and starts heading back.  We try to take him everywhere we go and everyone is always saying how beautiful and well mannered he is.  I truly canít thank you enough for our Bo-Bear and all the joy he has brought to our home, this is a wonderful breed of dog and enough canít be said about how well tempered and gentle they are.  All the best to you and your family.


P.S. These Pictures range for 9 weeks old to 15 weeks old.  There is one picture of Bo with two great Dane puppies our friends have and they were all within a week of being born from each other.


Thank you,

                Ryan and Valerie


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