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Sent: Friday, January 29, 2010
To: 'Flying W Farms'
Subject: RE: Bear Update


HI Fredericka! Please let me know if you can open these photos.  We call Bear “Big Pretty Bear”.  The pics are with my son Bobby, who is 6 foot 2 inches tall.  That will show you how TALL Bear is.  At 230 pounds everyone says he is the biggest dog they have seen.  He is a real sweety!!!!!  Picture 268 shows Bear on his couch!!!!  He starts out sleeping there every evening and then comes to my bedroom to sleep at the side of my bed around 12 or 1.  However, whenever we have company over we always have “problems” with Bear because he does not like people sitting on HIS couch!!!!!  Thankfully, they all understand!  We spent 2 hours at Lake Evergreen today hiking the trails.  Bear left footprints in the snow that looked like a real bear.  Please let us know how closely he resembles his father Brego.  Everyone says he is a beautiful boy!!!  Take care and thank you again Fredericka!  Sorry for the delay in gathering pics.  P.S. Bear’s “stripes” are the same color as his mother, silver fawn.

Sent: Sunday, December 13, 2009

Subject: RE: Bear Update

Yes, we learned our lesson that day.  You never know the type of owners who will have their dogs there.  Bear is a sweety.  All of the people at the office where his root canal was done said he is the biggest dog they have seen and they staff took pictures of each other kneeling by bear.  They told us to bring him back for visits! 

Merry Xmas to you!

From: Robert H

Sent: Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Subject: Bear Update

  Bear loves his little English Mastiff brother Jake (180 pounds but Bear dwarfs him in height and width), all people and all dogs.  He really never meets a stranger.  I walk Bear and Jake on the same trails I walked Chewy and Cort (Cort passed May of this year) and Bear is a celebrity.  People will meet us and say things like “OK, that is the dog leaving those giant paw prints”.  Over 50% of the people we meet on the trails and at the dog park take pictures of him.  They say he is the biggest dog they have seen.  He plays with dogs that range from 20 pound mixes to 140 pound Malamutes and Great Danes.  He is always well behaved.  He is a beautiful boy, very regal looking.  We still call him King Bear.  His new mission in life is to make sure every squirrel in the city knows he is the boss.  As nice as he is, he is no shrinking violet.  The Sunday before Thanksgiving I took Bear and Jake to our local dog park.  As we walked through the entrance, a very tight and confined area, a big group of dogs ran up the them.  A large mix, about 90 pounds, attacked my boys.  Bear let him know immediately that was not a good idea and sent him packing.  I started apologizing to the people present but they said the dog that attacked them had been attacking dogs the whole afternoon.  His owner finally took him home after that.  I found out three days later that Bear chipped his left fang defending himself, exposing the root.  He gets a $900 root canal Tuesday or Thursday of this week.  Over the last three months Bear has become very much the home protector.  Raising the alarm whenever he hears a noise.  He is not an offensive barker like some dogs, but if someone or something is around the house, he makes us aware.  At night he sleeps by the side of my bed, I have to make sure I do not step on him in the morning.  Through the day our couch is his.  If you are sitting on it he walks up to you and whines until you move over so he can sit by you.  He continues to be an absolute joy.  I take him everywhere I can.  He is well socialized and people really like him.


We will send pics soon.  Thank you so much for Bear, he has brought so much joy into our lives we can never repay you!!!


Sent: Sunday, September 02, 2007

Subject: Bear Pics

As you can tell, the pups are the focus of our family.  They are pampered but most of all they are loved.  We know they know it because of how they return their love to me, my wife, my daughter, her fiancée, my son and his girlfriend  Thanks, again Fredericka and Lucy! 

Robert and family


Chelle, Jake & Bear                                    Bear                                         Jake, Bear & Cort




Bear is the much larger Brindle American Mastiff puppy




Jake is the Fawn English Mastiff puppy



Bear is much larger than Jake, the English Mastiff puppy, who is the same age


Sent: Sunday, September 02, 2007

We picked Bear up Saturday.  Sunday we were all playing with Bear, getting him used to the house, and my brother showed up with Jake, an English mastiff puppy four days younger than Bear.  We did not tell anyone about Bear.  He was such a gift from heaven that we did not want to risk jinxing our luck.  My brother Randy did not know about him, and he knew how much we missed Chewy.  So, he decided to be nice and get us another Mastiff but he got an English, he did not realize there was a difference between the American Mastiff and the English Mastiff. Bear and Jake are buddies.  Bear is so amazing.  He knows he is a lot bigger than his little brother even though they are the same age! When they wrestle, 95% of the time Bear lies on his back and lets Jake on him.  Even when Bear is on top he spreads his legs to not put all of his weight on Jake.  I am absolutely amazed at Bear's awareness of things like this. My wife and I were joking today that if Bear could talk he would probably tell us to refer to him as "King Bear"!      He is an absolute angel with a great disposition.

Thank you ever so much for this puppy!

Sent: Monday, July 23, 2007
Subject: Bear Update

Big old Bear is doing fine.  He is a sweetie.  Never met a stranger.    Our old dog Cort, the one who mothered Chewy his whole life, has finally taken an interest in the pups, especially Bear.  Maybe it is because Bear is bigger, or because Bear is always trying to play with Cort, but Cort is paying special attention to Bear. playing with him and sleeping by him.  Bear and his little brother Jake are truly a pair.  Tonight they were wrestling in a little plastic pool, barking and carrying on.  Puppies can be rough with each other, but Bear is very gentle with little Jake 95% of the time.  He rarely places all of his weight on him, and the majority of the time, Bear lies on his back when they play.  It is monkey see monkey do with those two.  If one has a toy, the other wants it, if one starts digging, the other digs, if one eats or drinks, so does the other.  It is fun to watch them in the yard.  They play so nice together, chasing each other, exploring, responding to other neighborhood dogs barking.  Little Jake always gets tired first and falls asleep.  Bear always finds him, no matter where he is in the house, and cuddles up by him to sleep.  They sleep together at night in their kennel in our bedroom from 10 until 5:30, snuggled up to each other.  Cort lies right beside the kennel.  He does not pay as much attention to Jake, but Jake(the english mastiff) is reserved, where Bear is confident, forward and always ready to play.  Bear really brought Cort out of his depression over Chewy.  When I come home from work I lie on the floor and call for the puppies, Bear jumps on me, kisses me, and tries to keep the other two dogs away.  He is a character.  My wife says Bear is Chewy reincarnated.  They run us ragged, but we love them.  Gotta run Fredericka, I'll send pictures soon. Robert

Hi Fredericka and Lucy! 

Bear continues to be the love of our life.  Fearless, never met a stranger and growing like a weed!  My son and I took Bear, Jake and Cort to Lake Evergreen (Chewy's favorite place) to hike.  Bear had several bridges to cross but never hesitated.  He actually helped his little brother Jake across several.  Bear is probably 70 pounds now, bigger than his older brother Cort (who turned 11 years this month) although he does not look it because Cort is so hairy.  Bear had kennel cough for several days (he and Jake picked it up at the vet's office) but got over it quick.  Jake's turned into pneumonia but he is fine now also.  Bear and Jake are two peas in a pod.  Bear gives Jake a lot of confidence and always looks out for his little brother.  My wife Chelle and I feel Bear is Chewy reincarnated.  Bear follows me everywhere and gets 11 year old Cort playing and running.  When I come home from work he is immediately at the door ready to cheer me up.  What a sweetheart!  My next email will contain pics beginning from his first day here until now.  He starts obedience schools September 12.  It should be an adventure.  Thank you SO MUCH for our little gift from heaven.  He is an absolute joy 

P.S.  Bear's mouth is so much dryer than little Jakes!  We thought the pups were peeing on the carpet but it turned out to be little Jake's slobber!!!! (the English Mastiff).

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