Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Subject: update on Baron and waiting list inquiry


Fredericka and Lucy,
  We just wanted to update you on our amazing boy, Baron! (Dixie and Gideon ) He is an absolutely wonderful sweet and loving...he cannot get enough of us, just as we cannot get enough of him!   He has been such an amazing addition to our family.......and once again we thank you for breeding these wonderful animals!
  We are sending you some photos of Baron taken throughout these first 21 months of his life. As you can see, he is extremely handsome! He is very tall, and a bit on the slender side. He draws attention wherever he goes, and he is a tireless ambassador for his breed! You will see he is often pictured with his pug "sister", Claire, who he loves very much. On a sad note, Claire is 12 years old and experiencing some serious health problems....we are all saddened by the fact that she will soon be crossing the Rainbow Bridge.  This brings me to my next point.......
  For some time now, we have wanted to get a female pup from you, but until this point that has not been possible. Our summer home is in a deed restricted community whose covenants limit us to 2 dogs per household. Though Claire will be dearly missed by all, her imminent passing does allow us to begin the process of adding a female American Mastiff to our family.  We look forward to the addition of another beautiful, four-legged family member with  an amazing personality and "almost human" qualities. We're sure Baron will be captivated by his new "sister"!
  We are wondering what the wait time is now for a fawn female? If you could email me the answer, along with any necessary application materials, we would greatly appreciate it!
Again, a most heartfelt thank you to both of you!


George "Bob" Wagner Jr. & Fredericka Wagner
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