Angus B

Subject: Angus
Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2014
From: Karen B
To: Flying W Farms

Just an update an Angus, our beloved. He now weighs 140 lbs and is such a gentle handsome and intelligent being. He tolerates having his nails painted by my daughters and does his best to pull them on the zip line. His only bad habit is destroying things (like visitor's shoes and coats if not secured in a high enough location). He has destroyed quite a bit of trim in his own room and in the house but I have managed to keep it minimal with bitter apple spray. We've resorted to a special box for visitors' shoes and belongings. We gently say "no" as we take away the undesired chew toy and replace it with one of his many nylabones or water bottle critters.

A professional dog trainer came and Angus/we had 2 hours of private obedience training at our home. He responds well with sit, down, come, out, potty, and kisses. The last one is a little gross but we like to encourage his submissive behavior :-) He love to give kisses. You can walk him on a leash with your pinky as he has excellent leash manners but if not on a leash, he will wander and completely ignore our calls until he is ready to come. He is getting better though and wandering less and coming more. Puppy classes with a group will begin in April and we will send his graduation certificate once we get it. We are shooting for the Canine Good Citizenship but that might have to wait till he is a little older.

He gets along well with our dogs and visiting dogs, even friend's pesty growling chihuahua. Angus would look at the little dog with great curiosity and follow him around but then get bored and find something better to do.

Thank you again for our sweet boy,

Karen B
Angus with Thor. He is a real snuggle dog be it canine or human.

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