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Anatolian Mastiff

Breed Description

The Anatolian Mastiff is a large, very rare, ancient breed from the Northern Urfa Mountains of Southern Turkey. Bred to withstand the extremes of either hot or freezing conditions, they have very strong, natural immune systems.

These dogs have a very low prey drive, which means they protect rather than attack other animals. Loyal and devoted, these mastiffs make an ideal family companion and are extremely tolerant of young children. Due to their devotion to owner, intelligence and desire to serve, they also make excellent service dogs.

They get along well with other dogs and will protect whatever they are raised with including their owner's family, especially the children and the owner's other animals, even the chickens!

As a companion, they are very affectionate and they do not drool. Yes, they are huge, but very gentle. By the time they reach four years old, the Females are often 35 to 36 inches and 190 lbs. Males can reach 36 to 37 inches and 260 lbs.

Our Anatolian Mastiffs

ASLAN (male)

8 weeks

1 year

ASLAN is 37 inches tall and about 180 lbs now (16 months); He will be 250+ by the time he is four years old (full grown). He is a wonderful family dog, devoted, very loving, and a wonderful guardian dog. (very low prey drive, they protect rather than attack other animals).

ANNIE BEA (female)

ANNIE BEA is full grown at 4 years (she is 36 inches tall at shoulder and 190 lbs) ; She is a sweet, loving dog, loves everybody. Excellent guardian of children and animals.

ANNIE KAY (female)

ANNIE KAY is full grown at 4 years (35 inches tall at shoulder and 170) lbs; she also is extremely loving, devoted with family, loves everybody.


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